Chris’s why for starting a yoga practice came through a necessity to heal his body after many sporting injuries. He spent 20 years on the footy field and was heavily into training in the gym, Crossfit and any other sporting activity he could get his hands on.


His transition into yoga came quite quickly after his initial contact as he fell in love with the depth of the practice and the many benefits he received. Not soon after Chris smoothly transitioned into teaching coming from a master trainer and group fitness instructor. He just wanted to share what he was experiencing and feeling.


Chris has over 1000hrs in training under his belt and has been inspired by many teachers including Baron Baptiste, Duncan Peak, Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons, Octavio Salvado, Sarah Owens and Janine Leagh.


Today yoga practice keeps him free of old injury pains and allows quality and range of movement with a new level of body awareness and inner strength. This is what Chris provides in his classes.


Chris is super comfortable teaching an array of styles ranging from a strong conscious flow to mindful static classes. With a calm and easygoing nature Chris will get you to discover parts of you you’ve never experienced with the most subtle of invitations. He looks forward to seeing you on the mat soon.