Jan’s journey through yoga has been a practice of trials and tribulations on emotional, physical and mental levels. Since he started practicing yoga in 1999 and teaching in 2007 he has been searching to find a perfect balance between coming at ease and finding strength throughout his whole being. This curiosity led to studying over 1,500 hours of yoga with numerous teachers throughout the world. In 2009 he met Sarah Powers, the mother of yin yoga, and found in her one of his primary teachers of yin yoga, the Chinese meridian system and Buddhist meditation. His second teacher Tara Judelle introduced him in 2015 to embodied flow, a style of yoga based on a continuum of movement and expression drawn from hatha, Tantric, and somatic movement systems.

Jan: “I can truly say that I am now in a place of my life, my practice of yoga, and teaching where I have come home. Tuning in with the experiences present in yin and yang yoga has given me a deeper sense of rest and inner strength. This experience is an endless source of inspiration and insights that I love to share and explore in my classes and my life.”

Besides a yoga teacher, Jan is also a practicing nutritionist.