Through a life time of curious exploration, Sam has developed a profound passion for somatics, body-mind integration and living life connected and in collaboration with Nature. The practice of weaving breath, movement, contemplation and meditation has allowed Sam to lean into and transverse the many layers and realms of our human experience, revealing a potent path for healing and mystery.
Sam’s teachings are rich yet explorative and playful, threading somatic movement with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. She holds space for students to journey into their own rhythms and embodiment, as gateways to embrace the intimate depths of living and delight in their own empowerment and awakening. In this way she feels the practice becomes a call to come home to ourselves, and in such home to Nature itself.
She honours her teachers Tara Judelle, Dr Scott Lyons, Satu Tuomela and Noelle Connolly, as well as the Natural World and many other way-showers. All have offered maps into the deepest sense of self whilst allowing her own roads of discovery to unfold.