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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

About us

We offer outstanding yoga instruction in our studio in Rozelle as well as live stream classes to wherever you are. We have regular workshops and teacher trainings designed to bring the practice of yoga to life blending ancient wisdom and modern science.

Our vision

Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern science along with celebration and light-heartedness we have created centres
that inspire and celebrate community and the best of holistic living. 

harry & bryony

About our owners

Bryony and Harry have run the Egg of the Universe spaces for 13 years, through numerous evolutions into what it is today – Sydney’s first integrated yoga studios and wholefoods café. Everything on offer at the Egg is an extension of their practice at home, from vinyasa and yin yoga to the wholefoods served.

Each aspect of the studios and cafés has been created from their joint vision, from the look and feel of the cafés and studios to the teachers and café staff who welcome you. Bryony and Harry are passionate about creating vibrant communities along with balancing the intricacies of family life with two young children.

where chair pose meets table for two

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