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Ambassador Program

One of our core values is connection. If you find our offering inspirational or transformative for you then you could help us spread the word about Egg in a fun collaboration to help us deepen and strengthen our community as part of our Ambassador Program designed to spread the heart and voice of the Egg far and wide.

Our two Sydney locations are designed to create hubs of inspiration for modern holistic living and the exploration of human potential – primarily through yoga practice and wholefoods nutrition but with lots more fun action on offer! Our Ambassadors are key leaders in their communities who embody the Egg of the Universe lifestyle and live & breathe the Egg of the Universe culture.

Who we’re looking for

Egg of the Universe Ambassadors are key leaders in our community who embody the Egg of the Universe lifestyle and culture.

Our Ambassadors will be inspired by and encouraged to embody our values of:

Connection, Celebration, Knowledge, Community, and Sustainability

Our values are at the heart of all we do, from the vision of what we want to create within our spaces, the food served in the cafe and the yoga offered in the studios. We want to solve the human connection problem by helping feel great within their bodies and learn effective tools for living with an open heart and mind. 

If you (or anyone you know) believes in our values as much as we do, and would love to be rewarded with both the tangible (on going unlimited yoga membership, cafe benefits and branded merchandise) and the intangible (a loving community and a platform from which to positively help those around you) we invite you to apply!

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