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Studio Reopening - Health Guidelines

For yoga classes, please follow the health guidelines we have in place for all students staff and teachers: Masks must be worn inside until you get on your mat/class beginsYou must show y…

Livestream with Egg

Booking into classLogging through the Egg website. The dashboard displays all active passes and any upcoming classes. If there are no classes displayed here then you have not been booked into any.&nbs…

Dropping Into Mindfulness

With Bryony LancasterDropping into mindfulness can be a great stress reliever, but it can also help you in moments of gravity. Words BRYONY LANCASTERIt’s been proven that the pain we feel when we de…

7 Reasons You Should Practice Prenatal Yoga

Here are seven reasons why you shouldDuring pregnancy, a yoga practice can be so powerful—a fact I’ve witnessed time and time again as a prenatal yoga teacher, doula and mum. Many regular practiti…

What is Egg Of The Universe

A conversation between Co-Founder of Egg, Bryony Lancaster, and Asta MagazineWHAT IS EGG OF THE UNIVERSE?We are Sydney’s only integrated yoga studio and whole-foods café. We have two locations in …

The Daily Rhythm with Peppermint

Harry Lancaster is owner of Egg Of The Universe  – a yoga studio and wholefoods cafe in Sydney’s Rozelle. Along with his wife, Bryony, they’ve created a community space where nourishing body an…

The Five Koshas by Bryony Lancaster

Many of us are drawn to yoga for the physical benefits – to remedy a sore back or to increase strength but what we stay for, is often how we feel during and after class-a peacefulness, a vastness th…

Egg of the Universe Teacher Training FAQ’s

Who is teaching the course?You will be guided through this training by our incredible team of experienced and passionate senior teachers at Egg of the Universe, including Bryony Lancaster, Jo Gates, A…

Yoga Teacher Training at Egg

We’re thrilled to be launching both a full-time and a part-time Yoga Teacher Training course in 2021. Crafted with love, wisdom, and a deep respect for the practice of yoga We are offering both …