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The general well-being of your workforce naturally defines and underpins your ability to operate effectively as a company.

Our Yoga and meditation classes can help to refine the effectiveness of your workforce and create a strong platform for success. Combined with practical nutritional information and access to high quality foods, you will be able to build a unique competitive edge over time.
Our classes and programs can be tailor-made and packaged to fit your company objectives and budget. Talk to us about options that maximise corporate wellness in your workplace.

Corporate Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have a huge list of benefits from lowering stress levels to improving sleep patterns. And at work, lowering the number of sick days and increasing creativity and IQ. We can either come to your space or your team can come to one of our beautifully designed yoga studios. Please contact us for more information and to organise a customised quote info@tims197.sg-host.com

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Corporate whole foods events & catering

We would love to talk to you about us catering your next meeting or event. We pride ourselves on creating absolutely delicious food that is steeped in wholefood philosophy making it easy to digest and deeply nutritious. Contact us for a customised quote on manager@tims197.sg-host.com

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