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We are revitalizing our selected range ofinternational teachers

A New Chapter

With two exclusive deals just for our core members

Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice, expand your skills, or simply need an oasis of calm, this credit option empowers you to customize your own journey with Egg.


Member-Exclusive Credit Program

With either of these offers, you will be making a super positive investment in your future well-being and our collective community.


CREDIT: $1000

Invest $2500 on your account and get a bonus $1000 credit – unlocking over $3500 in yoga experiences!


CREDIT: $2500

Invest $5000 on your account and get a bonus $2500 – unlocking over $7500 in transformational offerings

How can this credit investment benefit you?

The investment is YOURS to use at any time. Access our incredible visiting teachers, workshops, trainings, events and retreats, along with exclusive early access to new transformational programs and personalized coaching. The choice is yours.

Your Yoga Practice

Use your account credit to continue to fund a membership pass with us! Offering on-demand and livestream as well as our Rozelle space. An urban sanctuary offering refuge from the inner-west rush with the activation of body and mind through yoga in our two beautiful yoga rooms.

Events & Workshops

We offer a multitude of wellness events and workshops monthly. Choose to use your account credit toward a special immersive experience!


Utilise your account credit bonus to reenergise with likeminded people, feed your cells with delicious seasonal meals on a retreat with Egg of the Universe. Take time to really slow down and properly immerse yourself.

Teacher Training

Take a journey into the heart of yoga with a team of experienced and passionate senior teachers at Egg of the Universe, one of the most respected yoga studios in Australia. We have part-time certifications programs and specialised training options.

Our Seasonal Retreats are created with rejuvenation and inspiration at their centre

Our vision

Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern science along with celebration and light-heartedness we have created centres that inspire and celebrate community and the best of holistic living. 

Together, we can keep the heart of Egg thriving for years to come.

While the past few years have brought unprecedented challenges, our passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga and holistic life practices has never wavered. Now, as we refocus on our original studio and streamlined offerings, the creative possibilities feel endless.

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