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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

2-Day Emergence Workshop

with Tara Judelle  | 26th November 9:00am - 25th November 4:30pm | Rozelle Studio |
1. The process of becoming visible after being concealed.
2. The process of coming into existence or prominence.
The non-dual map of consciousness looks at each human being as a microcosm containing the power and possibility of the entire universe. As such, we are comprised of the same elements as the universe. This view sees each of our primary compositional parts as the five essential elements of life or the Panca Mahabhutas: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each forms a component that makes up our physical, mental, and relational Self.

In this workshop, we journey through the elements endeavouring to somatically embody the language and frequencies to be able to create tools for calling in each aspect. Using somatic embodiments, meditation, asana, and free movement, we will work on expanding fluency, adaptability, and flexibility as we move to bring harmony into our individual systems, building on the fundamental consciousness of our expanding collective.

Each workshop is an exploration continuum which includes a blend of somatics asana, free movement, meditation, and journaling and discussion.

Initiation: Earth
In the first offering of the weekend, we will connect with our bones. Grounding into the longing pull of gravity and the ancient density of form that is earth. We will discover the architectural plan and its evolution in relation to the earth, gravity, and our collective desire. Our Somatic emphasis will home in on the primal articulation of our bones, the reciprocity of joint space with earth and sky, and the vibrational instrument of our body construct.

Liquidity: Water
The second element on our journey is water, shifting from the solidity of earth into the dynamic fluidity of our transport system. Spherical in nature and yet transmutational in form, water shape shifts in relationship to the earth’s pull. Water responds by forging into spirals, rivers, and vortices of energy and creating liquid flows that power the transport system of not only our cellular system, circulatory system, immune system, and digestive system but also the pulsatory sea in which all the systems function.
We will play in the unique rhythms, pulses, and flows that are blood, lymph, cellular, and cerebral spinal fluids while submerging in the vastness of the interstitial fluid forming the volume of the inner sea.

Luminosity: Fire
The spark of intelligence, the light in your eyes, the burning desire to become arise from the element of fire. We will somaticise the generative engine of the core as we stoke the transformational heat which powers the alchemy of combustion, digestion, and action. Following somatisation, we will ride its reverberating lava-like waves into dynamic movement.

Expansion: Air/ Ether
In this final class, we will focus on the intimacy of inspiration and expiration, the dance of the breath, and the inner winds called vayus. Air element calls in lightness, directionality, and change. We will follow breath work into the element of space, both as a quality of being and the canvas from which all the other elements arise. We will discover the dimensions of space and spatial orientation we call kinespheres. Finally, we will melt into vastness in the meditative field where all elements converge.

Initiation – Earth; Saturday 25th of November, 9am – 12pm
Liquidity – Water; Saturday 25th of November, 1.30 – 4.30pm
Luminosity – Fire; Sunday 26th of November, 9am – 12pm
Expansion – Air; Sunday 26th of November, 1.30 – 4.30pm




This workshop is for facilitators and curious explorers who are interested to dive into meditation in motion and curious laboratories for finding flow in the body-mind. Embodied Flow practitioners or facilitators, and yoga facilitators of all schools who wish to enhance their somatic practices.



Tara, a facilitator with over 22 years of experience, brings a scientific and playful approach to embodied anatomy in her classes. She emphasises the study of movement vocabulary and expanding perceptual awareness of the human mind within the yogic tradition. Inspired by Body Mind Centering®, Tara shifted her teaching focus to inhabit the inner experience and guide the corporeal landscape. In 2014, she co-created the School of Embodied Flow™ to integrate somatics, tantric philosophy, asana, and free training, bringing the living essence of tantric teachings into an embodied journey. With students and facilitators across the globe, Embodied Flow continues to inspire harmony in living, movement, and flow.