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5-Day Fluid Self – A week of discovery into the nature of our liquid doorways to flow state

with Tara Judelle  | 20-24 Nov | Rozelle | $987-$1097


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This intensive week of discovery explores the powerful and sensual nature of water, which not only defines our essence but also represents our origins. And while it comprises between 60-80% of our constitution, we may completely overlook or neglect this transport, communication, elimination, and formation component of our own Self.


This week is designed for those Embodied Flow™ practitioners who have either taken an immersion, studied with an Embodied Flow affiliated teacher, have some experience with the world of somatics, or those advanced practitioners who wish to deepen and broaden the conversation of yoga by adding somatic components and inquiry into their existing practice.

The days are planned to further the experience of somatisation, meditation, free movement, asana, and skillful flow among these four aspects of movement in the liquid body while weaving in the greater context within Tantric philosophy and yoga.

The week is designed to create a comprehensive dive into the landscape of Embodied Flow™, using the tools of journaling, meditation, somatisation, asana, and free movement. Using the group’s mind to create a unique expression of the material that will evolve and grow with each group.

Topics covered include cellular consciousness, embryological pathways, fluid systems, fascial lines, developmental pathways, kinespheres, dimensionality planes of motion, Tantric philosophy, and the continuation of topics addressed in other Embodied Flow containers.


A week-long journey is a co-creation endeavour between the facilitator and participants, with the intention to deepen the group’s connection with the Self. Experienced practitioners are invited to revisit material from their current standpoint, while newcomers are invited to embrace the experience wherever they are in their journey.


WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Cellular Consciousness
  • Embryological pathways
  • Fluid systems
  • Fascial lines
  • Developmental pathways
  • Kinespheres
  • Dimensionality planes of motion
  • Tantric Philosophy
  • And the continuation of topics covered in Awakened Body Immersion



This workshop is for facilitators and curious explorers who are interested to dive into meditation in motion and curious laboratories for finding flow in the body-mind. Embodied Flow practitioners or facilitators, and yoga facilitators of all schools who wish to enhance their somatic practices.



Tara, a facilitator with over 22 years of experience, brings a scientific and playful approach to embodied anatomy in her classes. She emphasises the study of movement vocabulary and expanding perceptual awareness of the human mind within the yogic tradition. Inspired by Body Mind Centering®, Tara shifted her teaching focus to inhabit the inner experience and guide the corporeal landscape. In 2014, she co-created the School of Embodied Flow™ to integrate somatics, tantric philosophy, asana, and free training, bringing the living essence of tantric teachings into an embodied journey. With students and facilitators across the globe, Embodied Flow continues to inspire harmony in living, movement, and flow.