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50-Hour Breath Coach Training

with Mark Breadner  | 2-3 & 9-10 Sept | Rozelle | $1077




Embark on a Life-Changing Journey with Breath Coach

Discover the captivating world of breathwork and pranayama with Breath Coach. Our comprehensive training blends ancient yogic wisdom with modern scientific insights, guiding you towards mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Immerse yourself in the teachings of breathwork, uncovering its fascinating history and profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Develop a well-rounded understanding of the breath’s role in taking your health and spiritual journey to new levels

Join Breath Coach and experience the transformative power of the breath firsthand, honing your skills in both classic and modern practices. Embark on this life-altering journey today!


• Profound understanding of the breath’s anatomy and its impact on your health and vitality
• Mastery to teach and practice both modern breathwork techniques and traditional yogic practices
• Comprehensive knowledge of the science behind pranayama and its life-enhancing benefits
• Exploration of ancient yogic texts revealing the secrets of the breath
• Strategies to correct and enhance your breathing,’
How to utilise the benefits of incorporating aerobic and anaerobic techniques
• Insights into the importance of CO2
• Discover the science of breathing less for more benefits, and the art of breath retention
• Learn the use of bandhas and to harness the power of the breath to build heat and purify your system
• Balance your nervous system and learn how to evolve spiritually through breathing techniques


The Breath Coach training is designed for both yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners eager to deepen their knowledge of breathwork and pranayama.

Whether you’re an experienced instructor seeking to expand your skillset or an enthusiastic practitioner looking to enhance your personal practice, this comprehensive training offers the perfect opportunity to dive into the captivating world of breathwork.

Upon completing the training, all participants will receive a prestigious YogaCoach Breath Coach certification, validating their understanding and completion in breathwork and pranayama.

** Certified Yoga teachers can use this for YACEPT


Learn from Mark Breadner—an internationally renowned Yoga & Meditation Teacher, trailblazer and one of Australia’s foremost Yoga Educators, Somatic Psychotherapist, and founder of YogaCoach. With 40 years of experience under his belt, Mark has trained many thousands of yoga teachers and practitioners, coached Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champions. Allow him to impart his vast wisdom and transform your life in unexpected ways.