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50HR Teacher Training, For the love of all things Philosophy

with Aimee Pedersen  | 11-12 & 18-19 Nov | 8am - 6pm | Eveleigh | $1297 | $1097 EARLY BIRD
The philosophy of yoga reminds us of what is truly important in our lives; love for ourselves and all beings, personal empowerment and sovereignty, and the joy and gift of being alive. The many traditions and lineages of yoga, teach us that the goal of our practice is Samadhi (enlightenment), but an equally valid reason for practicing is to simply have a wonderful life!

This training is a deep dive into the varied paths that lead to this enriched life experience. Through the study of the Samkhya system, the Yoga Sutra, the Bhagavad Gita and the potent path of Tantra, this training will be equivalent to the unfolding of an intricately woven tapestry, honouring each thread in order to truly appreciate the whole.

The philosophy of yoga offers life skills to navigate challenging times; to help the student lean back and soften into the journey, embracing the meaning of our existence and providing hope along the way. The teachings are ancient wisdom for the modern practitioner. They are the bedrock of everything we do on the mat.

– The different paths of yoga and which is best suited to meet you where you are
– The embodied understanding of complex teachings
– How to apply the teachings to your modern day experience
– How to be in service of others through the wisdom of the ancients
– To be steeped in the fundamental principles of yoga enriching your time on the mat
– If teaching, how to apply the teachings and weave them through class
– If not, how to weave the teachings through your life

Any student who wishes to be a catalyst for change and growth in their personal life and for the collective. Teachers who are already well versed in the delivery of asana and wish to offer a deeper experience for their students. If you are ready for the “next level” whether for your own evolution, or for your offerings as a facilitator, this training is a powerful portal to support that intention.

Training takes place over the course of two weekends 11-12th and 18-19th November, 2023 from 8am – 6pm. 

Aimee Pedersen is a yoga teacher, storyteller and lover of all things Ayurveda. Aimee’s greatest joy is to draw from the magic and wisdom of ancient traditions and bring them to life in others. Lover of Goddess and her wild and potent ways, Aimee feels ever guided by her Shakti. The Great Divine Feminine has ushered her to her purpose and passion which is to grow from the bedrock of her own experience and weave the wisdom learned, and power embodied, into the sacred work of holding space for others. Aimee’s life path has led her here… to be a seeker of truth, and a maker of change.