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Ari’s Arm Balance Academy

with Arian Levanael  | 18 Mar | 11am - 1pm | Eveleigh | $70
Looking to fine tune your arm balances, go upside down or maybe ready for some inspiration!

Come and explore the possibilities of gradually inviting new poses into your practice in this fun and informative workshop.

Whether you’re curious, nervous or excited about balancing on your hands or you’ve been working on them for a while but want to develop your skills to get over a plateau, this workshop will give you tools, knowledge and confidence to unlock your inversions and arm balance practice.

Wise yogi’s know it’s not all about the fancy pose….but it’s definitely fun to try!

Join our teacher, Ari Levanael, as we learn effective techniques on the journey to a safe, solid foundation of headstands and many other inverted and arm balance postures. With props and each other, we will awaken core strength, conditioning exercises and many variations to spice up your practice.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun in this workshop; suitable for all-levels.

See the world from a different point of view… literally!


Learn to play with your favourite arm balances such as crow, and one legged flying crow variations. We will also explore human pretzels, dragonflies, grasshoppers, flying pigeons, flying lizards and flying splits! You name it, we’ll probably play with it.


This is a general intermediate level workshop, but is for those that want to have fun just having a go! It will be open to everyone of all levels, I will make sure all levels of practitioners learn some great tips.


As a teacher, performer and adventurer, Ari focuses on the uniqueness of each person, the demands of both body and individuality. With a long history of yoga practice spanning 30 years, Ari is a passionate and dedicated student of the yoga tradition.

Ari is particularly adept at modifying and adapting the yoga practice for any level and is known for creative sequencing that takes students safely to new levels of exploration. With an approach to yoga that fuses breath in relationship to body movements, Ari interweaves intelligent creative sequencing in a style that moves between traditional and explorative, in balanced harmony with alignment principles that create a unique and fulfilling yoga experience.