Artist of Your Interior Weekend Events with Lara & Benny

Artist of Your Interior Weekend Events with Lara & Benny

Join yoga teacher and artist, Lara Zilibowitz, and vocalist and musician, Benny Holloway, for a weekend immersion into the majesty of your inner and outer landscape.

Through poetic guided visualisation, rhythmic breath-focused vinyasa, deep steep yin and stirring live sound medicine, you’re invited to become a pilgrim of your internal wilderness as we map and trace the mysteries of our body nature.

This will be a weekend dedicated to sensitising back to your wild, untamed, unedited version of your true Self, as a portal towards healing and awakening.

Body Poetry Yoga Masterclass with Live Music
Saturday 17th October 2:45pm-4:45pm

This class is a passionate declaration of Love to your wild and untamed body ~ a potent source of power, intuition, feeling and healing.

Through curious and compassionate movement, paired with a soaring live soundscape of voice and guitar, you’re invited to strip away layers of stress, muscle clench and coping, to reveal your deeper nature, and reclaim the innate intelligence your body holds in order to savour the full human experience: body, mind and spirit, as alive, open and integrated.


Bathe in You – Yin, Yoga Nidra & Sound Journey
Sunday 18th October 2:45pm-4:45pm

Through deliciously deep yin yoga paired with poetic visualisation and an evocative live soundscape of voice and guitar, you are invited to enter the vast field of your body and mind to hold space for all that is arising.

This will be all nurturing hip and heart medicine paired with powerful sonic acupuncture, as we learn to become a space holder for our most intimate experience, perhaps coming to care for ourselves on a level previously never thought possible.

Lara Zilibowitz is an internationally touring yoga teacher and artist renowned for her fluid teaching style delivered with heartfelt poetic prose.

Each practice with Lara is an invitation to sensitise back to your wild, untamed, original nature as you map the topography of your inner wilderness with every breath and movement. With a focus on embodied curiosity and compassionate inquiry, she holds space for you to connect back with your innate bodily wisdom as the portal to healing and awakening.

Lara is founder of Body Poetry Yoga and Art of Being Retreats, and co-founder of Back2Roots Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as presenting at numerous international yoga festivals, conferences and events. When she isn’t teaching, globe-trotting, and empowering others, you’ll likely find Lara making her signature ceramics and artwork in her hinterland hideaway in Byron Bay, Australia.

Benny Holloway is a soulful soundophile and self-taught artist based out of the NSW Northern Rivers town Byron Bay.

Through live electronic looping and weaving his voice with guitar he creates psychedelic ambient sound baths encouraging the listener on a compelling introspective journey.

His stirring and evocative tones are like sonic acupuncture, penetrating the densest layers of body and mind to encourage that deeper state of inward connection.

Together, Lara and Benny are thrilled to be collaborating to share their passion for medicine through sound and movement.


Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th October


Egg Of The Universe
Saturday Class – Rozelle
Sunday Class – South Eveleigh


$60 Per Class or $110 Bundle
Casual Members:
$65 Per Class or $120 Bundle

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July 3, 2020