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Ayurveda Women’s Wellness & Ritual Workshop

with Katie Rose   | 19th September 2:30pm - 19th September 5:30pm | Eveleigh Studio |
Join us for an afternoon of learning, ritual, self-care and deep intuitive awakening. In this workshop for women we will use Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga for:
  • Nervous system rebalancing – Ritual creation of flower mandala
  • Deep rest and relaxation
  • Understanding your own constitutional type and how best to support your wellness through lifestyle and food choices
  • Playing with essential oils and herbs to awaken your intuitive inner healer
Katie Rose is an inspirational teacher bringing yoga, ayurveda and mindfulness to busy modern-day women. Her impressive wealth of knowledge, along with her solid spiritual grounding and no-nonsense approach has earnt her an enthusiastic following of women from all walks of life.
A published author of several books and founder of many successful yoga businesses, Katie is passionate about empowering women to live a healthy, happy and balanced life. She covers a broad range of wellness and self-care practices, but more importantly helps her students reconnect to a sense of devotion and sacredness in everyday life.

Her teachings draw on her background as an advanced level Jivamukti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher, her work as an ayurvedic consultant and birth-work as a practicing doula. A mother of four boys, Katie diligently attempts to practice what she teaches; focusing on a happy and sustainable life.