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with Sam Belyea  | 3rd September 2:45-4:45pm | Rozelle Studio |
Your breath is the direct doorway into your body, your mind, your nervous system, your wellbeing and your power. Breath is the most accessible and practical and also magical and mystical tool we have!

It is undeniable that we have all felt stretched and squeezed over the past few years. It has revealed the necessity we have for practices that cultivate inner resources and resilience to anchor into our own internal safety and well-being.

By developing and cultivating a relationship with our own breath we feel more connected and grounded in our ever changing day to day lives. It also allows us to expand the range of our nervous system so we can hold more of lifes’ experiences with adaptability and responsiveness.

This workshop will explore breathwork through the lens of the nervous system and give you tools and resources to develop an embodied relationship with your own breath. We will play with many different breathwork practices so you have a range of tools to anchor into a daily breath practice.

Come to explore the profound potential and healing of your own breath.

A range of breathwork practices Nervous system regulation and Somatic practices for resilience

Anyone interested in developing a creative and daily breathwork practice that supports their wellbeing and vitality

Sam is a breathwork facilitator, embodiment coach and yoga teacher guiding her clients to come home to themselves and connect to their own power through their bodies.

Always fascinated by the human experience and the very nature of existence Sam has transversed through many realms of experiential training, esoteric explorations and academic study, which has developed into a profound passion for psycho-somatic integration.

Her diverse and multi-modality skill set enables her to powerfully hold space for her clients to release stuck emotions, beliefs and fear and transform their patterns of disempowerment so they can come home to who they truly are.