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Workshop : Breathe

with Sam Belyea  | 24th July 1.00 - 3.00 PM | Livestream |
Your breath is your own direct doorway into your body, your mind, your nervous system, your resilience and your power. Breath is most accessible and practical and also magical and mystical tool we have!
As we navigate uncertain times and shaky landscapes it is so vital we cultivate inner resources and resilience to anchor into our own internal safety and well-being, as well as our intrinsic creativity and responsiveness.

It is through learning how to hold more of ourselves, with our breath as our truest and most trustworthy guide, we are able to engage with uncertainty and challenge with stability and trust.

We will explore breathwork through the lens of the nervous system and as the ultimate art of presence. This workshop will be both informative and experiential, with an intention to guide you to developing a creative daily practice.

This event will be held live and online – no in studio bookings are available. The link to join will be sent to you prior to the event start time.

Please note: Events and workshops under $100 in value are not refundable. If the event or workshop is cancelled or postponed due to changes in Covid restrictions, you will be offered either a place in the rescheduled event/workshop or account credit for use towards any purchase with EOTU yoga studios.

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