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Cacao Ceremony: light your fire

with Jacqueline Lastra  | 20th February 7:30pm - 20th February 8:30pm | Rozelle Studio |
Cacao Ceremonies have their origin in the ancient times of the Aztecs where these ceremonies marked moments such as marriage, child birth, and sacrifices. Ceremonial cacao lifts the spirit of the heart which offers a great way of strengthening intentions and releasing any mental and emotional limitations.
During this cacao ceremony we celebrate the changes of season under the elm tree in the courtyard of our cafe. It is a perfect time to light your inner fire and let your heart express and release your true inner power to manifest, create and fulfil your authentic self. The ceremony is accompanied by music for extra ecstatic expression of your heart.
Join Jacqueline Lastra, yoga teacher, hypnotherapist and transformational healer, and Jan Denecke, Senior Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach for this special ceremony.

Photo credit: canva