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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe


with Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway  | 26th June 3:00pm - 26th June 5:00pm | Eveleigh Studio |
Come to your senses
Blindfolded yoga with live music
Who are you when no one is watching?
How does your body want to move when you’re alone?
This explorative and expressive masterclass is about reconnecting to your unique bodily genius, allowing yourself to move what you feel, as a means of getting in touch with who you truly are.
By blindfolding our outer seeing eyes, we give permission for the backs of our eyes to truly open, for our inner ears to awaken and every cell to sensitise as an organ of perception.
The interactive yoga experience is a pilgrimage into your essence, via all of your sense gates. By following the surges and urges of connected, breath-guided, instinctual movement, paired with an evocative live soundscape of Benny’s voice and guitar, you are invited to luxuriate in the texture, flavour, sound, touch and sight of every inner sensation as a portal to liberation.
Be prepared to move and be moved, to see and be seen, to sing, to sigh, to lose yourself and in the process find yourself.
Numbers are limited to 35 students and bookings are essential.

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