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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

Ecstatic Dance Cacao Party

with Egg Of The Universe  | 18th June 7:00pm - 18th June 9:00pm | Eveleigh Studio |
Ecstatic Dance Cacao Party
Held at Egg of the Universe studio at South Eveleigh, this is exactly as it sounds; sacred cacao, ecstatic dance and an opportunity to let your inhibitions free.
Emerge from the yoga studio’s of Egg of the Universe onto our urban forecourt to be entertained and express your joy of being whilst surrounded by urban greenery and high rise. Movement guided by Egg of the Universe, Music guided by DJ Marc Tomkinson, Magic guided by you! 

This event is part of our Winter Solstice Weekender!

Winter Solstice happens once a year, marking the shortest day of the year. As we transition into winter we celebrate the change of seasons and we also honour our own light and heart fire.

This Winter Solstice Festival is an opportunity to tend to your heart’s fire, through the power of music, dance and sacred cacao.

Warm yourself up from the inside at Egg of the Universe’s Winter Solstice Festival to the deep & blissful sounds of BuddhaBar Experience. Take part in Ecstatic Dance,Yin Yoga and immersive sound healing.