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Effortless effort: a practice for cultivating ease

with Kate Dambach  | 28 Oct | 2:45pm-4:45pm | Rozelle | $60-$65


During this 2 hour practice, Kate will introduce you to the ancient Chinese concept of Wu Wei, the action of non-action, the effortless effort, a way of doing aligned with nature that moves without force or intention. Using the familiarity of our vinyasa yoga practice, you will be guided to move, breath and settle into stillness in a way that releases tension and force, to re-align with an easeful state of being.

As the outer world is often moving with push and desire, it is easy to bring this into our vinyasa practice. By re-experiencing the shapes of our vinyasa practice, we can choose to create a different experience for ourselves both on and off the mat. This offering will include asana, pranayama and meditation.


Yoga students interested in developing or deepening awareness of how they practice and move; to observe the experience created on and off the mat.


Kate teaches to create the space for others to discover through the practice of yoga. Using the physical sensations of the body as a grounding support, Kate’s classes invite one’s awareness and attention to turn inward and observe. Her classes are lighthearted with a sense of exploration, yet strong. As a registered and practicing acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, Kate weaves layers of Chinese medicine theories and dharma teachings throughout her classes.