Embodied Resilience with Sam Belyea

Embodied Resilience with Sam Belyea

Resilience is our increasing capacity to stay present and anchored within ourselves in order to respond with flexibility to varying experiences and situational demands. It is a deeply embodied experience of being with what arises in the present moment.

Embodying resilience involves increasing our sense of connection to and familiarity with the body and self so we are able to navigate sensations, feelings and thoughts with less reactivity. We learn to hold more of ourselves and are able to engage with uncertainty and challenge with stability and trust.

This workshop will explore tools for building internal resources, developing safety in feeling and moving through the somatic energy cycle to develop a deeply embodied resilience rooted in presence.

We will journey through contemplation, discussion, somatic movement, breathwork and release work. Please bring a journal and pen.


Saturday March 27


Egg of the Universe
2 Davy Road
Eveleigh, NSW


$70 Members
$75 Casual Members

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02 9810 3146



January 4, 2021