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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

Embodied Shamanic Tantric Yoga

with Janine Leagh  | 25 Feb - 1 March | Rozelle | EARLY BIRD $999


Your space for healing
and awakening

The Wild Feminine meets the Divine Masculine, in Love.

A 5 day intensive to embodying the 7 Directions, the 5 Bodies of the Tantric Shaman, and the Light and Dark feminine and Masculine. We will journey, breathe, make magic, sound, shake, move and alchemise…all under the witnessing presence of the Divine Masculine.

What you’ll learn

• Shamanic Rattle and Drumming
• Shamanic journeying meditations
• Connect and move with your Spirit animal
Embodying the Shamanic 7 directions
Shamanic Breath of Death and Re-Birth
• The Philosophy of Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra, Neo-tantra and Eros
• Embodying the Goddess and Goddess activation rituals
Embodying the 5 bodies of Shamanic Tantra
Ritual, ceremonies (inc. cacao), altar and rites of passage
• The mysteries of myth, medicine and magic
Healing through the elements
• The witnessing presence of the Divine Masculine
• The light and dark aspects of Masculine and Feminine
• The alchemy of relationship between Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine
Initiation and activation of the Heart Fire with the pineal gland, and kundalini energy
Ecstatic trance
Facilitated free movement
Emotional release techniques and practices
Conscious touch, boundaries and consent

Who’s this course intensive for?

Anyone interested in the world of Soul, Spirit, Love, Energy and Healing. Anyone interested in expanding their current experience into broader territories.

This course will not teach you the anatomical alignment of yoga poses, nor will we dwell on theory. This course will bring into awareness the non-dual philosophy of inclusivity.
Shaiva Tantra includes Shamanism, neo-tantra (sacred sexuality) and all the traditions of Yoga that came before.

Inclusivity breaks down stereotypes, division of traditional gender roles, bias, right/wrong, good/bad and uncovers the parts of ourselves we didn’t know we had exiled through conditioning. This course is humanistic and deeply accepting of all that is.

Shaiva Tantra teaches that EVERYTHING is consciousness and nothing is to be excluded, in shifting to conscious inclusion, we expand into richer aliveness and wholeness.

This weekend is the next expansion. If you have been on your path for a couple of years now, this is for you.

About your facilitators

Akasha Phoenix (aka Janine Leagh)

Akasha is a true devotee of life in all its beauty and wonder, and has been following a diverse and intentional path for more than 25 years. She radiates a powerful passion for cultivating embodied connection, agency, and freedom through conscious movement, and has spent decades practicing a variety of yogic disciplines, Somatic Shamanic Tantric Temple Healing arts, and the art of sacred touch to bring about healing and transformation.
Over the course of her journey, Akasha Janine has accumulated an impressive 15,000 hours of yoga teaching experience around the world, inspiring and empowering a new generation of yogis and healers. She founded HYA Yoga Australia and Sacred Alchemy Yoga UK, and currently shares her embodied wisdom teachings with anyone who seeks them.

Akasha is a true mistress of her craft, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes over 2000 hours of yoga training, shamanic tantric temple arts, shamanism, tantric ritual and ceremony, grandmother and grandfather plant medicine ceremonies, energy and chakra balancing, somatic movement therapy, rebirthing and tetra breath-work, and more. She holds a BSc Hons Sport Science Degree, an MSc in Psychology, and is trained in Reiki, end of life doula work, mind-body trauma therapy, somatic attachment therapy, IFS, and parts work. She is also a Senior Facilitator for 500hr Teacher Training and specialises in Somatic Shamanic Trauma Release (SSTR).
Akasha Janine’s offerings are infused with her deep love and reverence for the human experience, and she brings a unique blend of compassion, knowledge, and intuition to her work.

Nick Garrow-Fasher

Embodied the light divine masculine essence and holds the space with pure clear loving presence. He is dedicated to the alchemy of breathwork in gentle loving presence. Nick facilitates and mentors breathwork trainings around the world.

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This is an offering that calls you at a visceral level, one that calls your soul home in an embodied way.