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Experience the Power of Breath with YES&

with Dan Kurlapski  | 21 May | 11:30am-2:30pm | Rozelle | $50-$55
Want to experience the Power of the Breath?

This simple, safe and highly potent style of breath-work activates the subconscious mind and brings insight that is not as easily accessed through traditional therapy. A complete and natural way to reset the nervous system, release limiting subconscious beliefs and to integrate more confidence, trust and joy into life.

Trained in Dan Brule’s Breath Mastery System. No experience required to attend. 

How to embrace and release old belief patterns and tensions
How to reset the nervous system with a 3 minute technique
How to use the breath as a vehicle for deep relaxation and profound insights
A step by step integration process that will support you in making your insights real for yourself in your day to day life
The rest…only the breath will tell.

Curious to explore the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit
Wanting to experience deep cosmic relaxation
Feeling moved to reset the nervous system and release deep tension or stress
Wanting to clear limiting beliefs

Meet your facilitators – Sara de Clercq & Dan Kurlapski

Integral developmental practitioner, meta neuro linguistic programmer, spiritual facilitation and breath-work practitioner.

Dan has travelled the world learning meditation, developmental psychology, consciousness, communication and transformative integration practices. He believes in connecting the human with their truest expression of Self, building their capacity to serve the collective from a healthy, embracing and thriving state whilst having a regenerative influence on the planet.

As a Leadership and Integral Development Coach, a meditation teacher, a Breathwork practitioner and a lover of nature and adventure – Dan has helped many transcend their preconceptions and limiting beliefs through 1-on-1 coaching, meditation programs, retreats, and YES&’s Arctic Leadership Adventures.

Integral developmental practitioner, meta neuro linguistic programming, spiritual facilitation and breath-work practitioner.

Sara’s life-work with her clients is a vehicle to re-evoke an embodied truth, playfulness, sincerity and love on an individual and social level. The process enables individuals to realise their full potential as a (human) being, and re-align that way of being in moment-to-moment living and being.

Individuals engage Sara for the expansive mind and heart-opening awareness she brings into the coaching process – this enables them to see themselves, their work/business, their challenges and their relationships from multiple perspectives, which allows for flexibility, choice and endless play.