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Feminine Form Medicine Day Retreat

with Aimee Pedersen  | 5th Feb | Eveleigh | $247
The intention for this day retreat is to teach women all about self care and nurturance.Women’s health, in all of its complexity, is an important and often overlooked arena in modern medicine. We need to be tended to in a special way. Ayurveda is a soft, gentle, and loving way to embrace our hormonal dance and other unique (and fabulous) aspects of being a woman. No matter what stage of life you are currently traversing, Ayurveda is there to hold you and bring you back home to your feminine form.


The four most important aspects of women’s health from an Ayurvedic perspective.
How to give yourself a daily ritual that will hold you in the vein of nourishment and self care.
The different cycles of a woman’s life and what is required to stay balanced and juicy.
An overview of doshas and the energetic medicine and herbal support needed to balance yours.
How to tend to the ever-changing world of our hormonal dance; throughout each month and our lifetimes.
Some delicious elixirs and teas to keep you on the rasayana (the path of juiciness).


All women who long to know more about their bodies and be empowered to look after them through their own innate wisdom, supported by ancient teachings.


7.30-9am Practice
10-12-30 Lecture
1.30-4pm Lecture
4.30-6.30pm – Daily ritual talk, practice and closing circle


A mantra singer, storyteller and lover of all things Ayurveda, Aimee’s greatest joy is to draw from the magic and wisdom of ancient traditions and bring them to life in others. Lover of Goddess and her wild and potent ways, Aimee feels ever guided by her Shakti. The Great Divine Feminine has ushered her to her purpose and passion which is to grow from the bedrock of her own experience and weave the wisdom learned, and power embodied, into the sacred work of holding space for others. Aimee’s life path has led her here… to be a seeker of truth, and a maker of change.