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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

Flying Dragon Sleeping Swan

with Beth Borowsky  | 13 May | 2:45pm-4:45pm | Rozelle | $70
The Flying Dragon is a deeply moving and inspiring sequence that fills every part of your body with Dragon Spirit.

Come fly with Beth in this extraordinary masterclass and experience a slow build up to heat all the muscle groups so that your body has the freedom to fly through the sequence – both physically and energetically – and with humility, integrity and above all Dragon courage.

The latter part of the class will soften into restorative Yin, allowing your internal fires to relax your muscles as you melt into stillness, serenity and calm.

This masterclass will inspire your yoga practice and help cultivate balance and harmony in your life – both on and off the mat.

Come fly with Beth as we journey through this courageous flow.


Everyone and anyone who loves to flow with strength, integrity, inner fire and courage!


Beth Borowsky is one of Sydney’s most inspiring Yin and Forrest Yoga teachers. She invites you to jump on your wind horse – your Breath – and go on a journey of self discovery to create strength, integrity & build the most potent relationship of your life … with your Spirit.