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Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco .  | 14th April 8:30am - 13th April 6:00pm | Rozelle Studio |
Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco

“As we mature, we find ways to balance our relationships in give & take. Our people need to now learn how to give back to Mother Earth. We have only taken, for generations. This ignorance has put all living beings in our world at a crisis point. It is up to us to balance our relationship to the Earth, for our life & hers. The whole delicate interlacing web of life needs us to evolve”. Ana Forrest

Experience 9-days of blissful Forrest Yoga practice and Ceremony.

Join Ana & Jose for this Advanced Teacher Training that will bring aliveness into every cell of your body, and ignite your passion for living.

This program is for those who long to deepen their yoga practice and are ready to approach advanced poses and teaching. You will work with advanced asanas together with Ana & Jose’s blend of live music, invocation, smoke blessing, storytelling, prayer, philosophy, and primordial Shamanic healing practices.
With them, you will:
• Up-level your personal practice
• Invest in your own self-care
• Detoxify your body and your mind
• Learn to work with and heal injuries you may have
• Learn to make advanced poses more accessible
• Push the edges of what is possible in your body in a supported and safe way

“Teach from truths that are discovered rather than from a dogma.„
– Ana Forrest

The Advanced Teacher Training is a Forrest Yoga 300hr training module.
If you already hold a 200hr teacher training of any style, after training you will be able to teach Forrest Yoga Inspired classes.
Also, you don’t have to have completed a 200hr Teacher Training already. This training is open to everyone with an intermediate yoga practice.
You will be guided in how to approach and teach advanced poses, you do not have to have mastered them.
After 100% completion this training is recognised by Yoga Alliance and is eligible for CEUs.

Training Schedule
Morning intensives: 8.30am- 12.30pm
Afternoon Training Sessions: 2.30pm- 6:00pm

Early Bird — $3200
Casual — $3550

Discounts are offered for:
Military personnel 10%,
Hoop Members 20%
Questions? You are welcome to get in touch: info@forrestyoga.com


Ana Forrest is an inspiration and has been changing people’s lives for over 45 years. She is an internationally recognised pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. She is the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, a mystic, visionary, philanthropist, author, and Medicine Woman. Ana crafted Forrest Yoga while working through healing from her own life’s traumas – abuse and addictions, the helplessness around the addictions, and the ongoing suffering from chronic injuries & illnesses. The process of healing herself inspired her to teach others about what really works to heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Jose Calarco joined forces with Ana in 2014 and brings a long history of shamanism and healing into Forrest Yoga events. Jose’s experience as a musician, medicine man & Director of Descendance Aboriginal dance theatre www.descendance.com.au spans more than 30 years. Jose has incorporated ceremony, music, dance, ancient healing techniques, veganism and First Nation Philosophies into Forrest Yoga, helping students move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.