Inner Awakening – A Somatic Experience with Jan Denecke

Inner Awakening – A Somatic Experience with Jan Denecke

An awakening yoga experience to help release your body and mind from fixed patterns of stress.
Somatic philosophy believes that sensations from past stress and trauma get trapped within the body-mind loop and can potentially affect body systems, posture, muscular pains and our outlook towards life. The only way to break this cyclic fight, flight, freeze or collapse reaction is by strengthening a mind-body relationship that connects what is felt within the body.

Somatic yoga offers an experience to help you develop a greater sense of reality by increasing the body’s feeling experience. It allows space for recovery and re-establishes a better body-mind dialogue that is not based on perceptions of the mind but rather a truth based a bodily experience.

In a 2.5 hour yoga workshop Egg’s Senior Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach will offer you tools and methods that help to release fixed patterns and re-establish a clearer body-mind dialogue.

This experience will awaken you from within as you move slowly from skin, to muscles and bones and eventually into the being/resting state of your cells.


Sunday December 6


Egg Of The Universe


$55 Members
$60 Casual Members

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November 11, 2020