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Intermediate Yoga A Six Week Course – LIVESTREAM

with Sarah Moore  | 28th August 2:30pm - 25th September 4:00pm | Eveleigh Studio |
Live and online, in this intermediate 6-week course, you will be invited to re-establish and restructure your relationship with your practice.
Initiated through asana, you will move from the basic alignment of postures to a more subtle experience of your practice, balancing body, mind and breath.
As the intermediate yogi you will know when to modify, use props, go deeper or yield. By building self-awareness you can further build your practice and become open to the more sophisticated layers, beyond the coarser layers and shapes of the physical body.
Through breath work, asana and energetic alignments you will generate a deeper awareness of and connection to yourself –we call this a state of yoga.
This 6-week course will:
  • Build your attention, to feel your body through subtle,energetic alignments
  • Form a deeper awareness to self in movement
  • Initiate a structure that will be consistent in any yoga class
  • Establish the ground work so you are the intermediate yogi
  • Strengthen and build asanas
  • Create space and flexibility
An overview of each week:
  • Establishing the foundation of subtle energetic alignment
  • Build and progress transition and breath
  • Develop steadiness – legs, arms and spine
  • Develop space – mind, joints and special awareness
  • Using your breath intelligently
  • Moving through form

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