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Journey through Sound

with Jacqueline Lastra  | 10th June 7:30pm - 8:45pm | Eveleigh |
Yoga in itself is the journey through the self to the self. Through the practice of yoga and combined with the healing sound can help to restore and rejuvenate our nervous system. Join as we guide you through a deep and restorative practice to bring us back into our blissful state
“Everything in our universe is energy vibrating at its own and specific frequency”Alex uses specific instruments and tunes combined with Jax’s knowledge of deep tissue Yin yoga poses to help realign and re-balance both body, mind and spirit.

Alex will take you on a sound healing journey as you are guided to move through various Yin yoga poses with Jax to soften and release stagnant energy.

You can expect to hear various instruments and different sound sequences to target the suppressed/repressed energy. Alex uses specific instruments and protocols which will harmonize and balance the autonomic nervous system and your whole being, not just the symptoms (of our tired frazzled nervous systems).

The beauty of receiving sound therapy paired with Yin Yoga is that it is a non-invasive way of allowing yourself to notice any sensations and emotions that surface. You will be invited to set an intention or have your mindseye on what you wish to release or target, you will direct the frequencies to that area or issue.

About your hosts: Alex is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer and neuroscience enthusiast, she has brought together her wisdom, experience and passions to create her own Practice.

She offers a safe space for curious individuals where connection can be made and their systems can regulate and rejuvenate.

Alex helps guide clients in getting to know their own nervous systems through sound therapy and healing frequencies backed by neuroscience. She educates through the belief system that everyone has the ability to heal themselves

Jax is a women’s circle facilitator, Hypnotherapist and Yoga teacher. Her passion is guiding people through deep and delicious Yin yoga poses to help release stagnant energy. You can expect slow and deep holds and to be deeply nourished.