Live Music Yin Class with Bryony, Lulu & Mischka

Live Music Yin Class with Bryony, Lulu & Mischka

Join Bryony as she guides you gently through the physical aspects of yin yoga while supported and uplifted by the exquisite sounds of Lulu & Mischka’s live music. Over the 90 mins of deep slow holds, accompanied by the delicious melodies of Lulu & Mischka and inspired by their new album ‘Horizon’, you will unbind your heart strings and unfold the tightness of this last year, softening into a receptive and happy place to turn towards the beginning of a new chapter feeling home again, whole again in you and within community.
Start the year in the vastness of your heartspace.
Ticket price includes a digital copy of Lulu and Mischka’s new album ‘Horizon’ HORIZON is music for the heart, for inner guidance, for hope and joy.
Prayers inspired by the Earth, the vast empty sky and the depth of our inner inquiry and stillness. We bow in deep gratitude to the masters of consciousness, those in human form, the animals, the mountains, the water, all the elements, and the master spirits of the plants which have been guiding us through deeply healing and transformative journeys. May this work of love support you on the path of your highest vision and truth, awaken remembrance of living as one with all of creation. See more details online.


ROZELLE STUDIO – Thursday 25th February 7:30pm-9:30pm
EVELEIGH STUDIO – Friday 26th February 7:30pm-9:30pm


Egg Of The Universe
ROZELLE, 711 Darling Street
EVELEIGH, 2 Davy Road


Rozelle $65
Eveleigh $65

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January 13, 2021