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Meditate and Levitate

with Jacqueline Lastra   | 28th August 6:00pm - 28th August 8:00pm | Eveleigh Studio |
The Meditate & Levitate Experience will take each participant on a transcendent journey, beginning with a brief sound healing bath to ground down, boost immunity and re-centre the mind.
The vibration of the room will gradually build into a high energetic flow of yoga and dance based movement to the melodies of contemporary and deep house music.
After the full energetic release and transformation, the vibration will shift back to restoration and rejuvenation for a juicy hour of yin yoga and meditation featuring a LIVE full body sound healing immersion including Clear Quartz Crystal Sound Healing Bowls, Rav Drum and Binaural Beats.
What you will learn:
– A deeper understanding of chakras and how to re-energise them in the body
– How incredible it feels when mind, body and soul are in alignment
– How to calm the mind and transcend stress and anxiety
– The power of releasing stagnant energy through movement
– Techniques to ground and centre yourself in day to day life
Who this training is for:
– The experienced yogi
– The intermediate yogi
– The beginner yogi
– The I have never yoga’d before yogi
This practice is about becoming more of, you.
If you are a you, then this event is for you.
An outstanding yoga teacher, breath work and hypnotherapy specialist and founder of Moon Magick
Professional Artist and Sound Healing facilitator, with years of experience in the entertainment industry, this yogi is now ready to use art for a higher purpose.