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MEND: Learn to transform any relationship upset

with James "Fish" Gill  | 5th & 6th Aug | 10am-4pm | Eveleigh | $440 EARLY BIRD


$440.00 EARLY BIRD THROUGH JULY 5 | $445.00 MEMBERS | $495.00 CASUAL

MEND: Learn to transform any relationship upset

The more we love, the greater the chance of conflict. Have you noticed? Misunderstandings, tricky conversations, and unmet needs seem to effortlessly create upsets with those we care most about.

Conscious communication practices allow us to skilfully transform our inevitable relationship upsets so we can create safety, understanding and trust in every moment.

In this 2-day masterclass, Heart Coach James ‘Fish’ Gill delivers a profound program of skills development that combines conscious communication practices, yogic philosophy, meditation, personal reflection, and group work.

Fish’s warm-hearted facilitation style will leave you hopeful, heart-centred, and hungry to lead all your relationships back to love.

· Relate to moments of conflict as opportunities to deepen emotional intimacy.
· See the unconscious mechanism that creates all conflict.
· Use a conscious communication pathway that dissolves conflict.
· Grow deep, mutual understanding that supports strong, compassionate boundaries.
· Create relationships that are free of blame, defensiveness, and avoidance.
· Identify and articulate your needs in a way that keeps others open to you.
· Stay open, heart-centered and communicative no matter what others say or do.
This workshop is for individuals and couples who are ready for safety, understanding and emotional intimacy in all their relating to family, friends, colleagues and partners.
James Gill (aka ‘Fish’) is a heart coach, yoga teacher and transformational facilitator based in Perth, with a broad reach internationally through his conscious relationship communication coaching and retreats.
He has supported individuals, couples and groups to regrow trust, connection and understanding in the face of conflict, complexity and change since 2008.
Fish’s warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as an educator, yoga teacher, actor and loving father of two young adults.
He completed his 350-hour yoga teacher training through Tamara Yoga in Perth in 2017, and now teaches in studios and on Yoga Teacher Trainings in Perth, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.