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Move & Manifest

with Mimi El-Ashiry  | 4th Nov 6pm - 7:30pm | Eveleigh | $50
Move & Manifest is a seamless melding pot of methods and teachings used to unlock the body, mind and spirit. Throughout this 90 minute workshop You will experience a variety of Visualisation and Improvisation techniques, Sprinkled with inspiration from ancient, spiritual and deeply embodied somatic practices such as Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga Nidra, Shaking and Breath Work. This Workshop is an evolution of the truly freeing self-practice cultivated by Mimi, as her own form of Dance Medicine and Manifestation Process.

You will learn how to Get Out Of Your Own Way. Move from THINKING mind into FEELING body.
Completely Let go of judgment of SELF and OTHERS in relation to dance.
Self Practices to make space in your mind and body by releasing stress, tension & stored experiences.
Recognise the power of intention to call in and manifest what you desire.
Explore a diverse and expansive range of movement in your body

This workshop is for any human with a body. No experience required for yoga or dance.
A moderate+ level of physical mobility is required but not fitness.
A willing and open mind is extremely necessary.


“I have spent my life dancing, since I was 6 ~ although my life and career had pulled me in MANY other directions In 2019 I decided to switch my priorities and chase my PASSION. I studied dance full time for two years with the intention of improving my technical ability, facility and basically being so good I could be the next lead ballerina turned awesome hiphop dancer chick in a movie …
When I Graduated… After dancing 6 hours a day 5 days a week… I realised…
It was UNLEARNING my years of learning technique & LETTING GO ..
MOVING from the analysing and thinking MIND into a place of FEELING BODY.
I had to get out of my comfort zone – which was aiming for perfection.
I had to let go of what felt good or looked correct or cool or sexy…. And start moving in ways that felt unnatural or weird and even ugly. After a while those weird ways started to feel so FREEING. And I realised ANYONE can do this. Anyone can let go of the rigid idea of what they THINK dance has to be.”