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Home ~ A Movement & Breath Journey

with Sam Belyea  | 24 June | 10am-12pm | Rozelle | $60-$65



A 2 hour transformational journey through the layers of the body to anchor deeply in the felt sense of ‘home’ within you.

Everyone speaks about ‘being in the body’ but what does that really mean? How do we anchor ourselves? How do we know when we leave?

Using somatic practices and deep inquiry with asana and free movement, breath-work and meditation, this masterclass will be the place where you learn how to truly be with yourself. To remember your body as your greatest alley, your breath your most profound guide and your embodiment as a pathway to healing and freedom.

This masterclass is not an escape from life but rather a return. It is for anyone craving to reconnect and to slow down enough to feel, in order to settle so deeply inside of themselves that they find home within.


  • Anchoring in the felt sense of self
  • Listening, feeling, moving, acting from self
  • Range and resiliency in the nervous system
  • Tools for releasing stagnation
  • Breath-work and movement practices for embodiment and nervous system regulation

Sam is an embodiment mentor, breath-work facilitator and spiritual guide teaching the pathway to one’s own liberation and truth through deep connection to their bodies.

Always having been fascinated by the human experience and the very nature of existence, Sam has traversed through many realms of experiential training, esoteric explorations and academic study, which has developed into a profound passion for psycho-somatic-soul integration.

She believes our greatest healing work and true empowerment comes from within ourselves and believes we are all our own greatest healers, teachers and guides. With the right mentor beside us we can learn the map of returning home to ourselves and set ourselves free.
Her work is an ultimate homecoming for those who are ready to walk the path back to their innate wisdom and power from deep inside themselves.