Remembering Your Sacred Architecture – LIVE STREAM

Remembering Your Sacred Architecture – LIVE STREAM
Our body, and its movement, is an essential experience of the interconnectedness within ourselves and to all of life.

This workshop is a deep dive into three systems of our body; our bones, our organs and our fluids. Each system has its own “mind” (feeling state) to discover and explore through the practices of asana, free movement and meditation. Through these body maps we are guided to the revelation that every single part of our being has the potential to become aware of itself. The freedom that comes with the embodied awareness of these different vocabularies within our own body offers a delight and intimacy within our sacred architecture that has often been forgotten. The result of such an awakening is a more rich and vibrant living experience!

Aimee will be drawing upon her love for the profound and life affirming teachings of Tantric Shivaism and her extensive training in many styles of yoga to assist you in the blossoming of this potential within your being.


Saturday June 6


Egg Of The Universe


Live Stream
$45 (Full Members)
$50 (Casual Members)

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May 11, 2020