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Shamanic Healing Workshop

with Johnson Chong  | 4th June | 2pm-5pm | Eveleigh | $66-$77
A shamanic journey essentially involves the willing participation of your conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. The subconscious contains the mental, emotional imprints of how you think, act and behave, while the unconscious stores memories from the collective human experience. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious – a compilation of all of man kind’s experiences recorded into an invisible field of awareness that is accessible by every person.

When you drop into an expanded state of awareness through various energetic activation techniques, you will be able to glimpse into the past. Depending on how much time you’ve spent on observing yourself, personal development, emotional intelligence work, meditation and evolving your consciousness, ‘the past’ for you might mean going back in time to heal events in your childhood. For others, ‘the past’ means looking at the original wounding that has transcended time and space from previous incarnations before this life.

For those born and raised in an Eastern culture like Hinduism, Buddhism or indigenous societies, the reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul is very much accepted. These are cultures that have stayed connected to the lunar cycles, and to the rhythms of the Earth through observing Nature herself, while modern society has resigned to viewing life as a predominantly mind-based and logical experience.

The entire basis of the yogic practice is predicated on the transcendence of the limited notions of Self through the mind and the body. As we unravel physical tension in the physical body, what then appears, is the possibility of dropping into an experience that moves beyond the linear confines of what we know.

In Johnson’s shamanic lineage, of the Q’ero nations of Peru, they share a similar understanding to the yogis: In life, there is what you know, the unknown, and the Unknowable. When we start looking into the cloudy murky waters of past life traumas and old stories of pain and suffering, we move into the territory of the unknown. It is a frightening place to explore, but when we courageously break through the barriers of doubt and gain a wider perspective of our Existence, the most amazing shifts in our lives will start to unfold.


– Breakthrough old stories that keep you feeling stuck
– Reignite your inner spark through increased vitality and awareness
– Create new energetic blueprints for a healthier and more sustainable version of you
– Develop a renewed strength in your relationship with yourself and others
– Accept yourself more deeply than ever before
– Receive symbols and blessings from your higher self and guides that will serve a more authentic version of you

This workshop is for you if you are …

– Excited at the opportunity to heal one or multiple past lives
– Wanting to let go of patterns of self-sabotage
– Wanting to improve the important relationships in your life
– Ready to heal and let go of past life stories that no longer serve you.
– Seeking to blossom as the conscious and expansive soul that you know you are


Johnson Chong is the best-selling and award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. He is also a TedX Speaker of “How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships”, a shaman and the founder of SAGE Shamanic Yoga where he trains aspiring meditation and breathwork teachers. Through the synthesis of the most applicable teachings of yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching and shamanic healing, his trainings are designed to help people quiet the mind, awaken the heart and free themselves of the roadblocks that keep them from living more authentically and joyfully.