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SomaSound A Live Sound & Yoga Experience

with Jan Denecke  | 16th May 2:00pm - 16th May 4:30pm | Eveleigh Studio |

Drop into the sensory realm and transform the way we relate to our senses, and the world around us through the vibrational healing powers of sound and yoga.

Sound has the ability to permeate and release fixed patterns within our body such as stress or trauma. The vibrational experience is limitless as it harmonises the waves of the mind and strengthens a mind-body relationship that connects directly with what is felt from within the body.

This 2.5 workshop is a unique multidisciplinary collaboration between practitioners of yoga, psychosomatic therapy and sound work and includes:

  • The somatic of sound and grounding techniques
  • Vocal toning to check in with your subtle body and state of being
  • Experience the body as a wave through spinal movements
  • Engage with sound as a tool to facilitate a shift in consciousness
  • Psychosomatic tools to express what is felt
  • Meditation and yoga with live sensations of sound facilitated by UPAYA sound healers
  • Savasana accompanied by a sound bath facilitated by Field of Sound

This experience will awaken you from within as you move slowly from skin, to muscles and bones and eventually into the being/resting state of your cells.

Presented by: 
Jan Denecke (Senior yoga teacher, holistic health coach and owner of Upāya Wellbeing) in collaboration with Field of Sound and UPAYA Wellbeing practitioners

About Field of Sound
Field of Sound is an exploration of sound, vibration, and consciousness. Created by Cari Lin, this project weaves inspirations from neuroscience, yogic studies and meditative experiences to transform the way we relate to our senses and the world around us.