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Sound & Energy Healing

with Jan Denecke  | 20th February 5:30pm - 20th February 6:30pm | Rozelle Studio |
Join Julia Cox, Reiki Master, & Jan Denecke, holistic health coach and senior yoga teacher for an hour of relaxation and healing.
Julia will guide you into a meditative place for healing, accompanied by a crystal bowl sound healing by Jan. While the vibrational quality of sound and intention rises Julia will send an healing energy to the group. This session is a a great way to experience healing for the first time.
Reiki is extremely gentle, calming and relaxing energy to help restore balance and flick on the switch of the healer within. BYO yoga mat (and cushion if you like).
Julia has been serving people with her healing for around 10 years and offers sessions online and at our in-house clinic Upāya Wellbeing.
As a holistic health coach and yoga teacher Jan has been a student, teacher and health practitioner of ancient wisdom such as Daoism and Buddhism and modern science for more than 15 years. He is the owner of Upāya Wellbeing where he offers holistic nutrition & coaching and is a beloved teacher at Egg of the Universe.

Photo credit: Canva