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Sound Journey with Benny Holloway

with Benny Holloway  | 29th May 7:30pm - 9:00pm | Eveleigh |
Join Benny Holloway for his uniquely nurturing “Sound Journey” offering.

Set yourself up laying down on your yoga mat with pillows, a blanket and eye pillow (if you so choose!) and float amongst Benny’s fluidly looped and woven guitar melodies met with his soothing voice notes which creates an atmospheric ambient sound bath of sonic acupuncture to invoke a deeper state of connection.

This intuitively heartfelt offering is enhanced by Benny’s innate ability to spontaneously thread a powerful musical connection with the essence and spirit of the moment.

Benny sensitively and skillfully creates an environment of sound that not only compliments the practice of yoga and meditation but has been known to create an atmosphere that guides to a deep experience of transcendence, spiritual contact, bliss, and release.