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Strength For Yogis

with Scott Bessant  | 12:30pm-2:00pm | 25 March, 22 April, 27 May | Rozelle | $50-$120
This 3-part series will be run by our Sports Chiropractor and Strength and Movement Specialist, Scott Bessant, from Health Space. Scott has worked within the yoga community for many years teaching yogis how to better understand the importance of strength in developing a strong and safer practice.

This workshop series has been designed to help you understand how best to build strength for a deeper, more controlled practice. We will be looking at the technically challenging foundational poses and considering the strength required to perform each one well. We can then build upon that knowledge by using tools and techniques to improve both your form and control when practising these poses.

The first part of the workshop will look at the importance of shoulder strength through poses such as chaturanga, side plank and arm balances.
In the second part of the series, we will dive into the importance of maintaining hip strength with a primary focus on warrior poses.
The third and final part of the series will focus on the importance of engaging your core throughout your practice, and building upon that core strength.

In this workshop, you will take away:
• An in-depth understanding of how the shoulder functions through varying poses and what commonly goes wrong leading to weakness and injury.
• How to activate and engage your shoulders, hips and core strength to support a deeper and stronger practice.
• Exercises that will help develop your strength that you can perform with minimal equipment to support challenging poses.

This workshop will benefit all levels of practice and is great for those who have experienced any challenge, pain or limitation during practice.

If strength work is something you have not considered in your journey through yoga, then this workshop is right for you!