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Strength of the Spine, Wisdom of the Heart

with  | 9 March | 2pm-6pm | Rozelle | from $110

Join Maryanne & Ryan for a 4 hour urban immersion that fortifies what it is to be wholly human in oneself and in relation to others.

Dr Ryan Henson reminds us through awakening the spine practices that our ability to walk in full stature and not feel the urge to shrink in the world is a most beautiful, and rare thing.

Maryanne Edwards challenges you to stay in your full stature whilst meeting, supporting, and receiving others. Expect dynamic and restorative movement practices that enhance your posture, your neurology and your relational capacity.

What you will learn:

  1. Poor posture determines how people perceive you & how you perceive yourself
  2. Spinal awareness and articulation can increase energy levels, reduce back pain, enhance how others perceive you, enhance body awareness
  3. Once we assume our full stature we can meet others from a place of grounded wholeness.
  4. Giving and receiving support reminds us of our innate belonging
  5. A strong back allows for the soft expression of your heart to emerge

Guided by:

Maryann Edwards
Maryanne Edwards has spent the last 10 years studying various forms of yoga and self development to bring you her embodied experience of true wealth. Sharing Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes regularly in Sydney, as well as leading teacher trainings and workshops.
​Maryanne believes in the power of these art forms to cultivate a steady calm interior to support you through the dynamic often chaotic world we live in. She is inspired by her teachers Idit Hefer Tamir, Sarah Powers, Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons (Embodied Flow ™).

Dr. Ryan Henson
A doctor of chiropractic, a somatic movement therapist, educator and yoga teacher. But friends call him “The Spine Guy”.
Through my formal studies and self-practice I have learnt tools and exercises that have allowed me to help thousands of people throughout the world. I help people by teaching them tools to get out of pain, improve their posture, develop greater self-knowledge, confidence and reduce their likelihood of future injury.