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Summer Yin class

with Kate Dambach  | 19th February 2:45pm - 19th February 4:45pm | Rozelle Studio |
A yin practice can be an invitation to harmonize and restore areas of our body and mind that have shifted out of balance. As we drop into long holds inviting our attention inwards, there are often inklings of something happening beyond the physical stretch we feel. Through Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can understand these feelings as the experience of affecting our meridians, the energetic pathways of the body. These pathways connect to our organs and together offer a unique understanding of the functions and relationships within our body and mind.
Within Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart is seen as the Emperor amongst the other organs. When tending to the Heart, we are invited first to take of those those within the Kingdom, allowing their balance to be restored thus allowing their service to the Emperor, the Heart to be restored.
This two-hour yin practice will take you on a journey around the Kingdom of your body, tending to the areas that support the Heart before we complete our practice with some of your favorite Heart opening shapes.

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