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Teacher Mentoring Program

with Bryony Lancaster  | September - December 2022 | Online |

The path of a yoga teacher is filled with curiosity, passion and personal growth and yet often we find ourselves navigating the path alone. As we step out into the world and hold space for our students it is so valuable we have our own support and guidance as we navigate the inevitable challenges that arise and refine our own teaching.

This group mentoring program is designed for new yoga teachers and any yoga teacher feeling stuck in their teaching who desires support, direction and inspiration on their path. A place to build and nourish your confidence and find your authentic voice and expression so you can deliver meaningful and impactful classes to your communities.

The mentorship will include workshops to enrich your teaching and have time dedicated to explore your questions, curiosities and challenges so you feel more supported and confident as a teacher.

What will be covered:

  • The Embodiment of Teaching
  • Beliefs and Limitations
  • Philosophy, Theming, Sequencing and beyond
  • Refining Facilitation Skills
  • Finding Your Authentic Voice and Expression
  • Embracing the Journey & Self Care

What you will receive:

  • Fortnightly Group Online Calls
  • One on One Mentoring on Class Plans
  • Direct support from 2 of Sydney’s favourite senior teachers
  • One on One Feedback on Your Recorded Class


Tuesdays 6-8pm

September 27th 
October 11th
October 25th
November 8th
November 22nd
December 6th