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The Purpose of Yin Yang: Harmonising the Waves of Change

with Jan Denecke  | 27 August | 12pm-3pm | Rozelle | $63-$70



In this 3-hour philosophy, asana and meditation workshop, Jan will help you master the Doaist theory of Yin & Yang within yoga, meditation and life.

Understanding the harmonious and creative adaptability of yin & yang, is key towards finding stillness within the all-pervasive change of nature. As we gain skill in understanding change, we naturally become aware of the states beyond this, which embody constant qualities such as compassion and unconditional love.

You will learn to recognise the ever changing, transformative, and limitless quality of Yin & Yang in yoga poses and sequences, in the breath, in the mind and emotions, and in life.
You will see and experience the dynamic of Yin & Yang as disharmony of (inner) conflicts are unveiled, and inner peace, content and balance is revealed.


Recognising the qualities of yin & yang and their harmonising qualities
The 4 principles/laws of yin & yang
Yin & Yang in yoga asana, breath, sequencing and meditation
Yin & Yang in life


Yoga students and aspiring yoga teachers who want to dive deeper into shamanic Taoist alchemy practices and potentially incorporate the 5 element theories.



Jan Denecke is one of Egg’s Senior Yoga Teachers, he offers a unique approach towards health and wellbeing that forms a bridge between evidence based western medicine and deeper holistic Doaist and Buddhist body & mind practices.
Over a decade Jan has studied, and continues to study, Taoist principles such as Yin & Yang and the 5-element theory along with Buddhist teachings and practices. His way of embodying and exploring this experience is through the alchemy of yoga, meditation, nutrition and life. He has written numerous articles on these subjects for Wellbeing Magazine.

Jan’s gentle, compassionate nature can be deceiving as his classes are known to lead you into a deep and strong physical, mental and energetic yoga practice full of joy, curiosity and self-enquiry.