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The Womb Garden Weekend Workshop

with Aimee Pedersen  | 11-12 Nov | 9am-6pm | Rozelle | $447-$497

$447 MEMBER | $497 CASUAL


Are you ready to enter the temple of your feminine Consciousness?

The sacred heart of a woman is her Holy womb space. This glorious chalice within our female form is the source of our power, beauty, sacred healing force and creative flow. The magic and mystery of our womb has been long forgotten through the dominance of patriarchal constructs, and many of us are disconnected and disassociated from this central portal of ecstatic pleasure and soft feminine strength.

This weekend workshop is a return and reclamation of the inner realm known, beautifully and aptly, as our Womb Garden. We will explore the feminine map of the womb medicine wheel, the gates within connected to our maiden, mother, wild and wise woman. We will activate the pathways that bring us closer to our divinely given capacity for pleasure and wonderment!



– The womb medicine wheel
– The dragon (feminine) elements within
– Sacred sounds and mantra to open the gates within the womb chalice
– How to move and weave feminine expression into your yoga practice
– Heart womb alchemy yoga practice each morning
– Connection to your feminine magic
– Shamanic journeys into the womb garden to tune into your wild and wise woman
– Tree of life practice opening your womb to the womb of Gaia and the Cosmic womb
– Profound and deep connection with the sisterhood and the softening of the mother/sister wound



Aimee is deeply passionate about the work she has done with her teacher Natalie Zuckermen from the Institute of Feminine Arts; a modern womb mystery school. It is her experience that it is time to go deeper within our sacred feminine form so we can birth a new world. Profoundly altered, changed and cracked open by this work, it is her pleasure and purpose to offer this journey to other women. So they too can heal and touch into their own magic and power.