Unlock Your Shoulders Neck & Upper Back

Unlock Your Shoulders Neck & Upper Back

Back by popular demand!

Enjoy life with less pain in your neck, shoulders and upper back!

Gift yourself with this 2 hour workshop and explore how to:

  • Use a focussed breath and specific Forrest Yoga poses to create freedom and strength    in your shoulders, neck and upper back 
  • Safely unlock ‘habitual tension spots’ by strengthening and lengthening the muscles around these joints to create space and ease 
  • Bring intelligence to these areas to experience grace, freedom and a greater sense of spaciousness

A must for desk jockeys, athletes and anyone who walks through life with tension in their neck, shoulders and upper back.

You’ll need a block (or a couple of books) and a strap (belt or tie).

Beth, Thank you for the most amazing experience and the depth of knowledge you provided in the Head and Neck workshop in June 2018. The awareness I now have in regards to how I can release my shoulder and neck area has impacted my body and my yoga practice in a way I would never have expected. I am stronger in my practice and my posture is improving day by day. Thanks for your wisdom, care and professionalism.
Natalie D
Hi Beth,
My partner Gian and I recently completed your neck & shoulders workshop at Egg of the Universe and we absolutely loved it! We both work desk jobs and find that the neck and shoulders are ongoing trouble spots for us. We found the workshop to be one of the best workshops we’ve been to. Not only did we leave feeling amazing, we also left equipped with tools and knowledge to implement into our yoga practice, work days and home life and we talk about what we learned almost every second day. We’ve told all of our desk friends about it!
You also mentioned that there will be another neck and shoulders workshop in October? We are so looking forward to it!
Lauren B

Dear Beth
I attended your workshop on Saturday at Egg of the Universe – it was truly amazing – I felt as if you had prepared it exactly for me and my needs – so thank you so much!
I have felt an unlocking immediately over the past two days and am so keen to keep working with the methods you shared in the workshop.
I think it would help me greatly to work with you one on one for a few sessions- perhaps have a weekly private session with you for a month or so to start with?  
Besides my long-standing locked back and overstrained neck, I’m coming out of having a frozen shoulder for the last six months and your guidance would be so helpful as I recover and restrengthen. 

Tanya P

Dear Beth
My beautiful friend Kirst, encouraged me to do this workshop with you today.
I was very nervous, as it’s been a while since I’ve done yoga, though as Kirst was coming too and I have issues with my shoulders, I thought what have I got to lose. 
I wanted to thank you so much for the workshop, as it not only re-opened my body and you gave me the tools to ensure I relax my neck, but I had an amazing spiritual experience too… and was quite teary and emotional afterwards. Obviously, you unlocked more in me than just my neck…. thank you so much!!!
Can’t wait to do some more yoga and hopefully even a retreat with you :)

Kylie P


Saturday 15 August


Egg Of The Universe


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$60 (Casual Members)

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$50 (Casual Members)

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April 18, 2018