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Womb Wisdom – Women’s Circle

with Jacqueline Lastra  | 4 June | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Rozelle | $54-$60
A two hour women’s circle, cacao ceremony and immersion into women’s menstrual cycles and how they connect to the moon. We explore the elements of the masculine and feminine; Yin & Yang of our menstruation and explore this concept through a Yang to Yin yoga practice. You can expect to be guided through gentle movements and poses that honour the cycles of the moon and our menstrual cycles, allowing you to connect with your feminine energy and embrace the wisdom of your body’s natural rhythms

How your menstrual cycle connects to the moon
How to harness the power of your menstrual cycle
How to create a sacred ritual and ceremony
The art of masculine and feminine; Yang & Yin and how this relates to your menstrual cycle
How to plant the seeds of intention

This women’s circle is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and would like to know more about their menstrual/moon cycle. We will deep dive into how we can use the ancient power of ritual to set intentions and live life more fully connected to our internal natural cycles.


2 hour workshop, women’s circle and cacao ceremony



Abigail Katie: Abigail is a certified yoga teacher and women’s mentor who specialises in holistic care practices that support your womb’s well-being, feminine connection & fertility journey. Abigail shares this earth-based wisdom through one-to-one support, circles & community workshops.

Jacqueline Lastra: A women’s circle facilitator, yoga teacher and student counsellor. Jax has taught at Egg of the Universe for 5 years and loves connecting people to each other and themselves through the power of yoga and wisdom. She strongly believes empowered women empower other women.