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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

You are the Universe in Ecstatic Motion

with Lara Zilibowitz  |
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1st January 12:00am - 1st January 12:00am | Eveleigh Studio |
Join Lara for this practical and mystical workshop unpacking the philosophy and movement methodology of the pancha (five) vayus (movements or winds) of Prana. This yogic model is used to describe the movement of Prana through everything we see around us and feel inside us. The way we sit, stand, digest food and talk is a reflection of these energies in motion. The way a flower blooms, a plane flies and the galaxy spirals are all conducted by the Pancha Vayus. Equally, every asana is created and informed by these five powerful aspects of nature.
This is the nexus between quantum physics and yoga. To realise, from a felt sense, the underlying energetic unity within all forms. That despite our feelings of density and identification with matter as solid – our body, flesh and bones are dancing with energy and vibrating with shimmering consciousness! These postures are anything but static and still, but rather, they are alive! Asanas are living and breathing full body expressions of grace ~ ever-shapeshifting and evolving from moment to moment. Prana is in constant motion and therefore learning to harness the direction of its motion within alignment is key.
In this workshop, for teachers and intermediate practitioners, you will learn tools to practice and teach not purely from anatomical cues but incorporating a more holistic perspective, integrating energetics and embodied understanding of the movements of Prana – apana, prana, samana, vyana, udana – that ride the waves of each breath.