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Common questions below. If you still have questions contact us

Refunds and cancellations
Your yoga passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Events and workshops under $100 in value are not refundable. For workshops, training and events greater than $100 you will be entitled to a full refund less $100 cancellation fee if you give us more than 30 days notice before the event. For more information please contact us at the studio.  
What do I wear to yoga?
We recommend wearing something light and fitted such as shorts or leggings, singlet tops or gym wear. Please avoid sweats, track pants, and heavy t-shirts as we heat the room for Foundations and Open classes. Bring a change of clothing and a towel for a shower if you wish, or you can rent one at the studio.
Do I need to bring my own mat? Are there any other props provided?
You’ll need to bring your own mat - we do not have mats available for hire at the moment and you cannot practice without one. We also recommend a towel (though you can hire one from us for $3). For yin classes, bolsters are provided if you have a towel.
What classes are best for a beginner?
We recommend you start with our Foundations classes. Yin classes are also suitable for beginners. However, if you’re fit and healthy and new to yoga you can jump into an open class and just do your best, keep an open mind and sense of adventure.   
Can Dad’s come to Baby & Me classes?
Of course! Bubs in these classes are generally for newborns to about the first birthday.
Can I share my 10 class pass with someone else?
No sorry, our 10 class passes are non transferable.
Can my partner come with me to prenatal classes?
These classes are specifically designed for the pregnant mums to be and aim to create a gentle calm focus and energy with the group of women present.
Are children able to practice at the studio?
Children are most welcome on a case by case basis once they are around 13 years old and above. They need to have the permission of the studio manager or teacher beforehand and be ready to take leadership over themselves for the class.
Do you have discounts for students or other concessions?
Yes we do! Please come and see us at the studio or contact us via email info@eggoftheuniverse.com to discuss your options
Why are your Open and Foundations classes in a heated room?
Our studio is slightly heated to around 25-28°C. In the warmer months we will often switch the heaters off completely when artificially heating the space is unnecessary. Slightly heating the room means it’s comfortable in the cooler months and also aids a sweat to assist in detoxing via the skin, the body’s largest organ.
Can I practice while pregnant?
It’s always a case by case with our students and practising while pregnant. We want to empower you as mum-to-be and ask that you listen to the wisdom of your body and be guided by what will suit you best. We normally suggest starting prenatal classes once you are at 12 weeks and you have been given the go ahead by your midwife or obstetrician.
I have an injury or special condition. Can I still practice yoga?
Absolutely. Yoga can be excellent therapy for many injuries and conditions, however we recommend you consult your health professional before commencing a yoga practice. Please let your teacher know that you have an injury and listen out for modifications and options in the class. Finally we empower you to be guided by the wisdom of your body and if something doesn’t feel right - don’t do it.
Is there parking available around the studio?
  1. Drive into South Eveleigh Business Park and turn right. The Foundry Car Park is located at 2 Central Avenue, South Eveleigh
  2. Park your yoga-mobil and then walk to the studio (Make sure you take note of your car rego – You’ll need it!)
  3. When you get into studio, enter your Car Rego into the iPad at the desk
(Parking will be validated for 2 hours from entry to car park. After 2 hours parking will be charged at $5 increments every 30 minutes, paypass on credit card on your exit) Rozelle There is a free small 2 hour car park in Waterloo street and free all day parking a few streets towards Callan Park in Manning street. There is also ticketed parking around the studio.  
What happens if I am late for class?
Please ensure you arrive a few minutes before class to settle in to the studio. We endeavour to commence our classes right on time and late entry isn’t permitted. Late entry into class disturbs both the teacher and your fellow students, and can put you at risk of injury. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
If I book and then cancel or don’t turn up, is there a charge?
You can cancel your booking for class up to 2 hours before your class start time. Members who repeatedly do a no show or cancel within that time frame will be penalised. Drop in and other pass-holders will forfeit a one-class pass.
Can I buy gift vouchers
Definitely! You can nominate a dollar amount or a product we offer, such as a New Student Intro or a particular kind of yoga mat. Stop by the desk at the studio or call us on 9810 3146 and we’ll make up something nice for you to present to the lucky recipient!
My workplace is interested in offering wellness benefits. Can you assist?
Yes we can! We tailor wholefoods, yoga and meditation packages for corporate clients and we’d be happy to discuss your office needs. Find out more here
I’ve heard some studios offer free classes in exchange for help around the studio. Do you and how can I find out more?
We sure do, and we have a karma yoga program that rewards yogis for helping with our cleaning and other jobs. To learn more, please email info@eggoftheuniverse.com
Do I have to stay for Savasana (relaxation at the end of class)?
Absolutely, this is the most important pose of the whole class. It’s a chance to allow the benefits of the practise to manifest in your body.
Can I take my phone into the yoga room?
Give yourself and your fellow yogis a rest from technology. This is a phone free zone. Enjoy the break. Come as free and untethered as possible. If you have a wearable please ensure it is on do-not disturb or aeroplane mode.
Are you COVID-safe?
Yes, we are fully registered as a covid safe business.

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